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Chop, Fold, and Roll: Joseph Joseph Cookware

If you like your kitchen efficient, with a dash of chic, you’ll love Joseph Joseph. Twins Antony and Richard Joseph founded this kitchenware company, and their designs have won awards for both style and innovation. 

The Rinse&Chop is ingenious. This patented hinged device is a combination strainer and chopping board. You can rinse food while the board is folded up, fold it flat to chop, then fold it again to pour food out the chute without scattering it everywhere. We’re also big fans of Joseph Joseph’s adjustable rolling pin, which comes with interchangeable discs so you can control the thickness of dough as you roll it out. Etched measurements on the barrel help you roll the right size, every time.

Cheers to Daily Grommet community member Deb Pine, who pointed us to Joseph Joseph. While clean lines and bold colors are all well and good for making your kitchen pretty, these pieces from Joseph Joseph are also precision tools for hobby and gourmet chefs alike. Let’s get cooking.

Originally published on DailyGrommet