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Finally, They’ve Reinvented the Sponge

If the sight (and smell) of your kitchen sponge sends you running for the hand-sanitizer …

If you’ve ever felt that eco-guilt scrolling through a sheaf of paper towels …

If ragged dishcloths just aren’t your style …

Check out Daily Grommet’s latest find, Twist Clean.

Founder Brian Ross of Twist Clean realized that although many advances have been made in cleaning products, the humble sponge has been around forever (and usually looks it). With an environmental “twist” in mind, he created Twist Clean eco-friendly cleaning sponges and cloths—smart buys that virtually eliminate the need to buy expensive and bulky boxes of paper towels, nasty steel wool scrubbers, and bacteria ridden sponges. By the way, did you know that a lot of big brand sponges have added chemicals in them? Check out the packaging.

Fact: One reusable Twist Clean sponge cloth outlasts seventeen rolls of paper toweling, and yet it’s made of natural fibers and is totally biodegradable when you’re done with it. To clean, you just toss it in the dishwasher, and then zap it in the microwave. Clean as a whistle.

Once you try these supple, malleable, flexible, bendable European cloths, you’ll be hooked. We love that they slide and glide into hard-to-reach corners and that they have a nice cushiony “feel” to them, like a very thick un-paper towel.

Even the loofah looks pure and simple. Unlike mega grocery store sponges, it features a bright white sponge side and a natural tan scrub side.

Who says cleaning products can’t be eco-stylish?

You can buy the Twist Clean sponges at Daily Grommet.

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