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Fruit of the Vine in Felted Wool

Felted wool never looked so chic.

These trivets and table runners are from Verso Design, a Finnish design house that specializes in spectacular modern textiles and innovative home accessories inspired by nature. The design is called Marja (which means berry in Finnish) and features succulent berries on a vine, laser-cut from thick, felted wool (available in five rich colors and two sizes). The creator is Tuttu Sillanpää, who co-founded Verso with her mother Kirsikka Savonen. Tuttu and her mother like to take natural fabrics and add their design eye to create truly beautiful and unique functional objects of art for the home.

Tuttu’s choice of felted wool is soft, comfortable, and familiar. But she gave it a modern edge with the graphic berry cutouts. The effect is minimalist and bold, but warm and charming. It’s a welcome change from conventional trivets, which are often made from hard, inflexible materials like metal, ceramic or wood. While Verso’s trivets and table runners are made from a softer material, all natural wool, they still get the job done, protecting tabletops from hot dishes and platters. Plus, Verso’s Marja trivets add artistry to the table. Most trivets are put away after the meal, but these you will want to leave on the table and just wait for the compliments.

Originally published on The Daily Grommet