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Gardening Without Guesswork

Are you yearning for homegrown fruits and vegetables but don’t have the space? Or afraid that your gardening experiment will end up yielding… nothing? Daily Grommet’s latest gardening find EarthBox® makes it easy to get started with your favorite fruits, veggies, herbs and flowers. This self-contained organic gardening system takes care of everything except choosing which plants to grow. Plus, it uses less water and less fertilizer than a conventional garden.

Blake Whisenant, a Florida-based commercial tomato grower, invented the EarthBox out of necessity, when rain and stagnant water from Hurricane Andrew wiped out his farm. He needed a way to protect his crops, and discovered that a portable system that covered his plants not only increased his yield, but also allowed him to move plants in bad weather.

The EarthBox system includes fertilizer, an aeration screen, a water reservoir that regulates moisture levels (so you can’t over-water), and a plastic cover that encourages growth while providing protection and discouraging weeds. For home gardeners, the ultimate addition may be its casters, which means that it’s easy to extend the growing season by moving the EarthBox indoors on a cold night, or into a sheltered area when the skies look threatening. (Daily Grommet is also offering the company’s staking system for growing tomatoes, pole beans and cucumbers, and a replant kit for next season’s crop.)

The biggest decision you’ll have to make is whether you like the green or the terracotta EarthBox better. Then just plant your seeds or seedlings, fill the water reservoir, and start looking for recipes that will show off the foods you grew yourself.

You can purchase the Earthbox here at Daily Grommet.

Originally published on the Daily Grommet