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Indoor Composting – Scraps In, Soil Out

You’re concerned about the environment and you try to live as green as possible, but maybe you’ve shied away from composting? Daily Grommet is right with you! You probably thought it wasn’t possible to compost without going to a lot of trouble. But guess what? With the NatureMill automatic compost bin, if you have electricity you can compost—quickly and easily.

Inventor Russ Cohn is a MIT-trained engineer who once left for vacation without emptying his kitchen compost, and the resultant warm mess that greeted him upon his return was the spark that ignited the idea for NatureMill. If warmth speeds up the composting process, what about a self-contained unit that could use electricity to facilitate the breakdown of compostable materials? Using about the same energy drain as a nightlight, the NatureMill composter takes in food scraps (plus some sawdust pellets and baking soda) and produces nutrient-rich compost in just two weeks. It’s not magic, but it is the circle of life, right there in your cabinet.

Daily Grommet heard about NatureMill from Amanda Sargisson, who lives in San Francisco, where composting is mandatory. Just load in your scraps and the NatureMill composter does the rest, letting you know when it’s time to harvest your rich, organic fertilizer. It’s composting made easy.

You can buy the indoor composter here at Daily Grommet.

Originally published on Daily Grommet