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The Pasta Variety

Whether regular, wide, twisty, or broad, the noodle is full of flavor.

You can butter them, onion and pepper them, or cheese and sauce them (with or without meat). The noodle has the taste to savor. It amazes me that when you do the same thing to each pasta type, the flavor is not quite the same.

Blending pasta, like regular spaghetti noodles combined with angel hair pasta, gives your meal a flavor that all will describe as beyond fair. Adding bachuel, a little nutmeg or lemon (not necessarily all at once) can cause all your taste buds to start swimming!

Whether eaten alone or combined with a meal, pasta at brunch, lunch or dinnertime can be al dente appeal! A pasta casserole in winter gives you warmth when you are cold. All the cheesy, saucy combos are a sight to behold. American, Italian, or Mexican (all of my favorites), choosing a pasta meal is just fine. For business purposes, fine dining and/or entertaining, it goes perfect with a glass of white or red wine. Fettuccini, lasagna, rigatoni, or penne. More than likely when the meal is done; there is not much, if any, to put away.

So when you’re planning a meal for business, entertaining or a good wholesome family meal; pass not up that all too common noodle; for your palate/pocket it’ a great deal! Pasta also makes a perfect snack. It’s filling and delicious. Noodles boiled in chicken or beef broth, add some butter and salt/pepper to taste. When you’re done eating, you’ll say, that was great! Garnishing pasta with oregano, thyme, parsley, cilantro or my favorite, tarragon, says to the palate, noodle be gone!

Health Note: Diabetics have a reduced production rate of insulin or no production of it at all. Insulin is the hormone necessary for metabolizing food sugars into energy for the body. Therefore, their intake of carbohydrates must be monitored. As carbohydrates break down into sugar in the body. 
Diabetes Type I: Insulin dependent
Diabetes Type II: Non-insulin dependent 
Diabetes Type III: Glucose intolerant due to pregnancy or
Diabetes Type IV: Due to genetics or other anomalies or diseases of the pancreas or an association with hormonal changes or even due to the adverse affects of certain medications (whether prescribed or over the counter).

Also, persons who are changing their eating habits for other health reasons and for the purpose of weight loss, consuming carbohydrates should be monitored to equal a balanced meal.