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Life Is Not a Fairy Tale

No, life is not a fairy tale (sometimes it’s better).

Real life
Once there was a princess and she became a very powerful queen and there was no king because she didn’t have time to find one … and she didn’t really need one—she was empowered and that’s all that mattered … (and by the way, her father the king kept getting rid of all of his queens)—sound familiar?

A tale of Queen Elizabeth!

Write your own fairy tale—make it whatever you want it to be—it’s your story—it’s okay to have a prince or a king, but only if you want one. The point is you don’t NEED one. All that you need is yourself and a strong belief in yourself—don’t worry what everyone around you says—look to your heart. Follow your heart and it will lead you in the right direction.

We need to rewrite the fairy tales and empower the heroines. Women are strong. We take care of our families and are the glue that binds—we need to teach our daughters that we have power—the power to write our own story.

When I was growing up in the 1950s, young girls were being taught to model themselves after a Good Housekeeping image of the perfect wife. Television (what few programs existed then) was full of stories like Desi getting Lucy out of her latest fiasco or George Burns talking about ditzy Gracie. Those women, lovable as they were, were always needing rescue. Movies were filled with knights, rescuing the damsel in distress, cowboys defending the lady’s honor: Cinderella, Snow White, you name it. And, always a happy ending. But life is not a fairy tale.

Fairy tale
Once there was a princess and she married a prince and he became king and made her his queen but … it doesn’t always work that way.