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Life’s Like That!

Dear God, Thank you for blessing me with all what I have, and thanks for the promotion. But honestly, I wanted better financial growth. Please guide me and show me the right path to make the right decisions in my life.

 Finishing this prayer, I go to bed with a misty state of mind. I had resigned few days back and was looking for better opportunities outside. That’s when I received this promotion. It was a retention tactic, which guess most companies adopt just when their employees resign. For obvious reasons, I was unhappy about the financial growth and life seemed more than complicated. Suddenly, the urge to draw a higher salary became of utmost importance. Blame it on the ever-growing inflation and my never-ending needs. Phew!

As usual, I woke up next morning, did my daily rituals, and started my jog to catch my bus. It was summer, but the weather was really good for a change. I saw the clouds moving steadfast, racing with the other bunch of clouds. I felt God had heard my prayers and was doing his bit to make me feel good about all what was happening. I placed myself comfortably by the window seat, applied some moisturizer, and put the purple earphones into my ears. Tu na jaane, aas paas hai khuda (see end for translation). This song left a smile on my face, and I might be starting to feel good about something; I don’t know what.

I have always believed in signs, signs from angels, signs from God—those good signs. And this journey from home to office, showed me quite a few signs and I felt God was trying to guide me, show me the path.

1. The first sign. Just when this song ended, I was crossing a construction site. I saw two young boys lying on top of those big construction machines, facing the sky and laughing to their hearts’ content. At such a tender age, they were working, getting their hands all dirty to support their needs and to lead a comfortable life. Kudos to them, for their acceptance of taking life as it comes.

This was my lesson uno, that life is not always easy, it’s how we choose to let it be. 

2. The second sign. Just when I was thinking about those young boys I had witnessed couple of minutes back, a big hoarding caught my attention which read “Commitment, to everything we deliver.” This hoarding had a deeper meaning to it. Suddenly I was able to connect the dots so easily. This gloomy state of mind had made me ignorant not only toward my loved ones and my own self, but also at work.

Commitment. I made up my mind to deliver more of this, at both home and work.

3. The third sign. My perspective definitely started to change and I started to feel that everything was may be actually perfect. And just then, I crossed Cafe Coffee Day. Well, what’s special about Cafe Coffee Day (CCD as the localites call it)? It’s their caption: “A lot can happen over coffee.” If a lot can happen over coffee, then why not sit together and talk to my folks about my plans. Establishing a clarity of thought about what I intended to do in my career and otherwise was just a coffee away.

In a span of forty-five minutes from home to office, God had showed me so many signs. I knew nothing comes easy, and neither is everything difficult at all times. We have to be strong and face the challenges coming our way. And of course, look for the small signs God shows. You might not get direct answers to your unsolved mystery, but will certainly get the correct way which will lead you to the best solution. Follow your heart and take the decision in best favor of you and your loved ones.

The journey ended on such a warm note and made me kiss good-bye to my grim state of mind and welcome happiness aboard!

**Translation: You dunno, but God is somewhere around you.**