This Multi-Purpose Product Sanitizes Hands and Surfaces—and It’s Only $6

by Caroline Harris

This Multi-Purpose Product Sanitizes Hands and Surfaces—and It’s Only $6

Image Credits: 100% Pure Website

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100% Pure is a clean beauty brand known for its nourishing skincare items that boast natural ingredients like cucumber and coffee beans. And now, 100% Pure also produces cleaning products to help shoppers stay safe and protected amidst the coronavirus pandemic. 


First came a plant-based hand sanitizer spray that contains 62 percent alcohol—within the CDC’s guidelines—and only costs $5. Then there was the Hand Sanitizer & Buttercream Duo, a handy set of sanitizer and a moisturizing cream that makes it easy to clean then soothe dry hands right away. Most recently, 100% Pure dropped its new Hand & Surface Cleansing Spray, an all-in-one product that effectively disinfects hands and surfaces.


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The pocket-sized Hand & Surface Cleansing Spray is perfect for everyday use and compact enough to take on the go, whether you’re going on a hike or running some errands. You can spray the vegan formula directly on your hands to clean them, then use the product to sanitize phones, grocery carts, sink faucets, and other potentially contaminated surfaces. If you’re a multi-tasker with an unending to-do list, this product was practically made for you.


The vegan formula contains aloe vera and lemon essential oils, so it’s gentle on your skin, but it still meets CDC standards with 70 percent ethyl alcohol. Since lemon essential oil can be used to help relieve stress, you may even experience some much-needed relaxation as you spray this product.


What’s more, the Hand & Surface Cleansing Spray is a purchase you can feel good about because it’s cruelty- and gluten-free. According to 100% Pure, the brand is committed to philanthropic causeslike planting trees and feeding shelter dogs—and has donated over 3,000 hand sanitizers to Baby2Baby, a nonprofit providing COVID-19 relief to families in need. So by supporting 100% Pure, you can help support some of these worthwhile efforts, too.


Running low on surface cleaner or hand sanitizer? Check out this two-in-one cleansing spray while it’s still in stock. It’s a budget-friendly way to stay healthy while also freshening up your space.


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100% Pure Hand & Surface Cleansing Spray