12 Disney Graduation Cap Designs That Will Make Your Day Even More Magical

by Hannah Marsh

12 Disney Graduation Cap Designs That Will Make Your Day Even More Magical

Our favorite Disney characters pretty much give us inspiration no matter the situation, and graduation day is no different. Check out these 12 Disney graduation cap designs that will make you even more excited to take on the future… plus they look great in photos!


‘The Princess And The Frog’



“Trials and tribulations, I’ve had my share. There ain’t nothin’ gonna stop me now ’cause I’m almost there,” @shirellyb_ aptly captioned this simple Tiana design from The Princess And The Frog after the princess, herself.





Last year’s newest Disney release Moana made a huge splash in its inspiring messages, and we totally agree with @leahledrew that it belongs on a grad cap. And check out those intricate details!


‘The Little Mermaid’ Bubbles



How fun is this Little Mermaid hat by @nikkkicrew? A degree is a big deal, and we can count on Ariel to not let us forget to celebrate!


‘Peter Pan’



We can always count on Peter Pan to bring a little encouragement to any part of our lives, like on this cap from @kimscustomcrafts. Never doubt in yourself or your abilities, and always keep a little fairy dust around just in case.


‘Toy Story’ Aliens



This Toy Story-inspired decor from @professional.themeparkgirl is both feel good and funny at the same time. Who knew those green little aliens could be so motivating?


‘Toy Story’ Buzz Lightyear



Some might say the sky is the limit, but @tenikakaes’s Buzz Lightyear cap reminds us to reach even further!


‘The Lion King’



While graduation season can bring a lot of changes and a lot of mixed emotions, this simply designed cap by @lvoekat is a great way to remember “Hakuna Matata” — no worries!





Ugh, how cute are those button-balloons on this cap by @ashliechimero? Adventures are waiting for you out in the real-world, and now is your chance to go for it!





Chance are you’ve learned a lot about life over the past few years, and this Pocahontas-inspired cap from @melisa_renee_ is a good reminder of a lesson that will be relevant for the years to come, too.


‘Beauty And The Beast’



We love the reminder that this Beauty and the Beast cap by @kimscustomcrafts gives. There’s no doubt that the last four years were probably wonderful, but that doesn’t mean your next great story isn’t just around the corner.


‘The Little Mermaid’ Dreams



We’re getting all of the inspirational vibes from this Little Mermaid-inspired graduation cap by @kimscustomcrafts. It’s an exciting time of year and a chance to go after your goals!


The Little (Honest) Mermaid



A little Disney magic and a whole lot of honesty are what get you through to graduation, and this hilarious cap decoration from @daniellexlovely isn’t beating around the bush!