16 Comic Book Costumes For Halloween Lovers

by McKenzie Pendergrass

16 Comic Book Costumes For Halloween Lovers

Comic books are having a serious moment right now. With female comic book heroes like Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman taking the big screen and new feminist comics picking up steam, people are recognizing, now more than ever, the utter coolness of the comic universe. So this Halloween we’re stealing their looks. We’ve rounded up the 16 best and brightest comic book character Halloween costume ideas that are sure to pack a punch.

Agent Peggy Carter from “Captain America” and “Agent Carter” Halloween Costumes


Women wearing Agent Peggy Carter costumes


Although she first appeared on-screen alongside Captain America in The First Avenger, Peggy Carter deserves to be center stage, like on the gone-too-soon “Agent Carter.” She’s sleek, smart, totally polished and the perfect inspiration for a ’40s-style Halloween costume. Dig through a local thrift store for a mid-calf, high-collar dress, top it off with a chic hat and some red lipstick, and you’ll be the most badass (and sophisticated) undercover agent at the party.


Wonder Woman Costume


Gal Gadot in costume as Wonder Woman


What more iconic female comic book costume is there than Wonder Woman?! She has a killer corset and knows how to accessorize with her lasso, headband, boots, and cuffs. You can either dress up as the classic old school Wonder Woman or go as the updated Gal Gadot movie version!


Any Character From The “The Walking Dead” Costumes


Man and woman in


You seriously can’t go wrong with The Walking Dead costumes. Take it the duo route and find someone special to be the Glenn to your Maggie, or find inspiration from any of the other zombie-killing characters (or the zombies). One thing’s for sure, though — there’s no such thing as too much fake blood. Generously apply it to your clothes, skin, and fake weapons. These Halloween costumes are perfect in a pinch. So quick… and so bloody!


Alana and Marko from “Saga” Costumes


Man wearing ram horns and woman in short tan coat dressed in


The critically acclaimed Saga makes for some seriously awesome Halloween costumes. The two main characters, Alana and Marko, have a totally signature look from the cover of volume one that would be super fun to replicate. Grab a greenish or short haired wig and tan coat for Alana, and Marko just needs a pair of horns. Oh, and don’t forget the baby!


The Will and Lying Cat from “Saga” Costumes


Man wearing a red cape and woman dressed as a blue cat, both are in


With all the awesome characters in Saga, of course there’s more than one option for Halloween costumes. The Will is a bounty hunter and mercenary, and Lying Cat is his feline friend who can detect when people are lying. All you need is a bit of aqua face paint and an aqua dress, some cat ears, and a ferocious grin. If you’re not big on cats, The Will’s look is just as easy to perfect. All you need is a tattered red cape. Easy enough, right?


Coraline Jones from “Coraline” Costume


Women dressed in Coraline themed Halloween costumes


What’s creepier (and cuter) than Coraline? Nothing. Rock Neil Gaiman’s character look by donning a blue wig and digging through your grandma’s button jar, and you’re guaranteed to have the coolest Halloween costume of the night.


Josie & The Pussycats Costumes


Women wearing Josie and The Pussycats comic book costumes


All girl rock band? YAS, please! Whether you’re taking this one solo or you have a trusty trio to form the full band, Josie & the Pussycats costumes are the perfect sassy outfits for your Halloween night. Luckily, cat ears are abundant this time of year, so grab some cheetah print and a fake guitar to finish off the look.


Black Panther Costume


Letitia Wright dressed as Shuri from the movie Black Panther


Bring the spirit of Wakanda to your Halloween costume this year with a Black Panther inspired Halloween costume! This comic book costume theme will be major this year and there are so many options to choose from! Dress as Okoye, Nakia, Shuri or even the Black Panther himself. You can even get together on this black panther costume with your bff and have the whole squad go as characters from the movie!


Poison Ivy Comic Book Costume


Women wearing Cat Woman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn comic book costumes


Sure, some comic book characters are total nerds (no fault in that!), but Poison Ivy is a tried-and-true seductress. This outfit requires minimal clothing, and putting her costume together is as easy as gluing some leaves to a green leotard (or a trip to the Halloween costume shop if you’re not the crafty type). Not to mention she’s got some pretty kick ass partners-in-crime! (BTW, we totally love this take on Harley Quinn’s original comic book costume.)


Veronica, Cheryl, and Betty from “Archie”Comic Book Costumes


Veronica Lodge, Cheryl Blossom, and Betty Cooper characters in costume on the tv show Riverdale


Archie is back! With Riverdale on The CW and Netflix, get in on this popular series and rock your best B&V&C costume this October. Got an old cheer uniform? Pin the Riverdale logo to the front and voila! Make it a squad costume and have your friends jump in as Archie and Jughead.


Kamau Kogo from “Bitch Planet” Comic Book Costume


Woman as Kamau Kogo, a comic book inspired Halloween costume


What says girl power more than a comic about women who refuse to fit into the box assigned to them? Bitch Planet is *seriously* the best feminist inspiration for your Halloween costume this year. There are multiple characters from the series to choose from, so take your pick and be sure to wear it proud.


Jo, April, Molly, Mal, and Ripley from “Lumberjanes” Comic Book Costumes


A group of women dressed in comic book inspired costumes from the


Calling all “hardcore lady-types!” Lumberjanes are cool, adventurous and totally rad. Gather all your pals and channel your best alt-Girl Scout vibes for these Halloween costumes. Bonus: see who can collect the most “badges” by the end of the night by calling out all the woodland creature-inspired costumes.


Zatanna Comic Book Costume


Woman wearing Zatanna comic book costume, complete with black top hat, white button up shirt, and black fishnet tights


Zatanna might be a lesser-known sidekick to the Justice League, but her magical powers and cool AF top hat make her just as legit as other DC Comics characters. This costume will bring the magic without feeling kitschy. Must-haves: fishnet tights, white button-up shirt, and a vintage-y top hat.


Captain Marvel Costume


Bri Larson in comic book inspired costume for the upcoming movie Captain Marvel


Get ahead of the curve on your comic book costume this Halloween and skip ahead to the highly anticipated 2019 Captain Marvel movie. This Halloween costume will get major points for being unique and will get you super stoked for the movie to come. Whether you go all out on your costume or style it more subtle, this costume is bad ass.


Two-Face Comic Book Costume


Woman wearing a Two-Face comic book inspired Halloween costume


Two-Face is such a tragic character, but there’s no denying that this split-personality Halloween costume is totally rad. Put a girlish spin on the traditionally male character by wearing a two-tone dress and painting half your face with some gnarly teeth. If you really want to go all out, get a half-and-half wig to top it all off.


Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers from “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” Costumes


Couple wearing


Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers provide the perfect opportunity to wear all the bright colors. Halloween costumes can get kind of bloody and dark, so freshen things up with these neon ensembles. Once you find the electric blue hair, the rest will fall into place.


Gwen Stacy & Mary Jane from “Spider-Man” Costumes


Women wearing blonde and red hair wigs for their comic book inspired costumes of Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane


Tbh, we totally envy both of these gals for being Spider-Man’s love interests, but unfortunately for us, channeling them for Halloween costumes are about as good as it’s gonna get. Don’t have blonde hair? Don’t fret! Just pick up a wig and a smart skirt. Do the same if you don’t have red hair for Mary Jane, and if you want to style a silly love triangle, grab a friend to be Spider-Man and you’re sure to get some laughs.


Harley Quinn from “Suicide Squad” Costume


Margot Robbie dressed in costume as the comic book character Harley Quinn for the movie Suicide Squad


Who isn’t totally obsessed with Harley Quinn right now? Despite her unhealthy relationship with The Joker, Harley is a badass who does what she wants. Harley’s movie makeover provides some super fun ways to play with make-up and hair chalk for an updated version of this comic book costume. So if you’re looking for a little costume experiment this Halloween, Harley’s your go-to gal.


Pop Art Costume


Man in a pink wig and face paint for his pop art costume and woman in purple wig and face paint for her pop art costume


OK, so this isn’t strictly inspired by one specific character, but the makeup is so fun! A pop art costume is exciting, bright and totally in-your-face (haha). A little face paint and eyeliner will do the trick, just add some fake pearls and you’ll be transformed. It’s super fun and makes for superb photo opportunities.