180 Days Around the Classroom Entry #7

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180 Days Around the Classroom Entry #7

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I did not think I was going to make it to school much less the gas station today. My gas tank has been on empty for two days so I had no choice but to go to the gas station before I headed to work.
It always seems that when I decide to get gas, everyone else needs gas as well. By the time I pumped my gas (whatever happened to the good old days when some pimple faced kid would do it for you?); I was then ten minutes late to work. At any normal job out there being late is no big deal, but being late at my school means you get a red check mark by your name. Oh, the shame. I swear it’s kinda like wearing a scarlet letter on your chest. You see, when teachers arrive at school they have to sign in at the time they have arrived. Once everyone is in their classroom, the principal takes the “Sign In” sheet and puts a big, fat, red (I am talking medium point permanent markers) check mark by everyone’ s name that is late on that day. If you end up with three red check marks, I have heard that you get “the speech.” Apparently the principal calls you into his office and suggests nicely for you to get your sorry *ass up earlier (not in those exact words but the inference is there) and get to work on time. In the future, I think I will take the chance and drive on empty.

* I think I now owe $0.70 into mawmaw’ s jar