Abortion: Defend the Defenseless

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Abortion: Defend the Defenseless

Have you ever wondered what the three top reasons women abort? Women are to believe that it’s not considered murder because it’s not a human being and it doesn’t have a life yet. The three top reasons why women abort are because they are not ready to be mothers, they do not want to have children, or because they cannot afford to have a child.

Most of the abortions are done by teenage or young adult women. They do it because they say they are not ready to be mothers. It is either too early in their lives for them to have a child, or they are simply not made out to be mothers. It is agreed that being a mother is not easy and not everyone is able to be great at it, but it is not impossible because many many women have done it. Teenagers abort because they say they are too young to have a baby and will not be able to handle all the responsibilities that come with it. Also that they are still young and want to live life and enjoy it and do not want to be tied down and be taking care of a baby. Also, it is so dumb how they can not think of giving the baby up for adoption. It is the second smartest thing to do if you do not or are not ready to be a mother. Adoption is best and less painful for the baby. Some say that they were just not made to be mothers, that they just can’t handle having a child. They find having a child and raising it something impossible which we can recognize as being hard, but not impossible. When they say they were not made to be mothers, it is because they do not like kids, in the way of kids do not get their attention. They do not have that motherly sense vibe. You had sex and you knew the consequences that come from it; why did the baby have to pay for your carelessness? To have to abort because it has to do with the mother’s or baby’s health then that is something different because someone’s life is in danger. When it has to be chosen between the mother’s or baby’s life to be saved, and the mother is conscious, then she has the right to choose who live; the father, doctor, or government have no say in it. But there is no way of a mother’s life being in danger while pregnant, it is very very rare. So they basically abort because they do not care about having a child.

There are also women who do not want to care about children, and especially not having one. They get pregnant and abort because they are selfish and careless. They say that their needs are more important than anyone else, including the life that they once were carrying in them. They say that why should they waste their time and money on anyone else that is not themselves. They do not think of using protection before having sex, which is something so simple and easier than aborting. Some women just keep having sex, get pregnant and keep aborting, it is so stupid. Why can’t they just get their tubes tied or their husbands or boyfriends get fixed, and they do not need to something as cruel as aborting. I do not find abortion more reasonable than to have used protection months ago. To those selfish women or sometimes the men have something to do with it, aborting is something so easy and heartless to do, and to them it is like taking out the trash. Everyone has the right to live. No human being has the right to take away the life and decide when or how another human being dies. That’s God’s decision. A person taking away another person’s life is just heartless and cruel, especially in taking an innocent baby’s life before it is born. Think about it and ask yourself, what did that baby ever do to you?

Most of the abortions that are done are in poor countries of course by low income families, most of these abortions are happening in the Eastern countries; the numbers are high but they have gone down in the past few years. In the families that abortion happens in, it is because they do not have money to afford a big family or even more than two children. I understand if you are in this situation of not having enough money, so you are not able to feed more mouths. But then again protection is the first thing that should be done before having sex. You know what you are doing and the consequences, and you know that you cannot afford another child. It is just not understandable how people think that aborting is easier than protection. That is the way it seems since abortion is happening. It’s also very idiotic how people can think that they are not killing a life when of course they are. Women who abort believe that there is no life in them. When there is a tiny heart in there beating, which is already at five weeks old. People are so heartless that they dare to say that “if a child is in a hospital nursery it is a baby, but as long as it is still in the mother its considered human waste a free to be killed for anything reason.” The law of the land has always held that human life is sacred, and the protection the laws give to human life extends also to the unborn child in the womb.

In conclusion, all of the women who do this are just so careless, selfish, and heartless. It’s just not understandable how they believe that aborting is okay and that they just simply do not care of the life they carrying inside them, even if it is theirs. A mother’s life will never be in danger while pregnant. Being a mother is hard work but never impossible. The law of the right to life includes every person in the world even in the womb. No one has the right to end another person’s life that is God’s job and always will be. So no matter what your situation is or your excuse is there is no reason to abort, there is protection there has always been and always will. When you have sex you are old enough to know what you are doing because you are doing it and you know the consequences. An unborn child cannot be held responsible for its own creation, since it did not have a say in being created in the first place. So next time you are in the moment with your partner or you hear a friend is having sex with hers or his, and you all know you are not ready or are not meant to be parents, use any or all types of protections so in a month you won’t have to be in a doctor’s office killing an innocent life.