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Aches and Pains

Week twenty-eight and twelve more weeks to go! As excited as I am, I feel horrible.

It seems that every inch of my body hurts. Especially my back. My back feels like I pulled a muscle or something, my sides feel like they want to explode, my legs cramp up (which includes my butt); and on top of that I have indigestion so now every time I burp all of my food feels like it wants to come up. My mother says that although she wishes she could tell me differently, it is only going to get worse. My husband does all that he can to help. Just last night he ran me a very hot bath and after I was done with that he rubbed my back and my legs until they almost didn’t hurt anymore. I love him very dearly and though I try to show him how much I appreciate him, I still feel like I’m biting his head off for things that I would normally ignore or appreciate. I love it when he cuddles with me but here lately it feels almost like he is smothering me at times.

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