Acquiring a New Language

by admin

Acquiring a New Language

As this topic might be a little outside the scope of this community, I still think it is interesting stuff and gladly share it. It is good to know for all soon to be parents actually and applies to a lot more than just learning Spanish!

Scientists have studied for decades how we humans learn and how to shorten the time and effort when acquiring a new skill. Studies have shown that when we assume a growth mentality, by focusing on the learning and not the skill level, we learn the quickest. Especially games have proven to be a great component to learn a new subject. And learning Spanish is no exception!

There are many ways to study Spanish. You could take a class after work, you could travel to Spain and attend a University, go to summer school, listen to tapes, or you could practice Spanish online. With the accessibility of the internet these days, you are given a unique opportunity to learn Spanish interactively wherever you are. You don’t need to attend classes, you don’t have to reschedule your life to go abroad, and you can study whenever it comes natural.

To gain a basic level of fluency, that is to speak, write, and understand Spanish, within six months can easily be achieved with the right strategy. A very strong criterion for that is to have a program where you can practice Spanish online, or at least download the software from a website to your current computer. With the interactive programs you explore the language in a more fun and exciting way than the old dogmatic classroom style. Games, videos, and audio sessions enable you experience Spanish with you eyes, ears and a playful mind. You are also able to watch the videos and listen to the audios over and over again, not having to refer back to some old scrappy notes.

By taking the time and working on it as often as you can, it will give you the foundation for fluency quickly.