ADHD Stands for Amazingly Delightful Human Disorder

by admin

ADHD Stands for Amazingly Delightful Human Disorder

On a beautiful day in May, he came. I knew he was coming soon, but I had no idea it would be that day. From the beginning, my son was determined to show who’s the boss. I had planned a natural birth, without painkillers, just like with my first child. No, he would not have it. I arrived at the hospital and was told I had to have a cesarean section. I cried. A short time later, I held him in my arms. He was the most handsome little person I had ever seen, still is.

As time passed, I noticed he was not like the other kids. Did I say that? Are they all supposed to fit some sort of mold? Absolutely not! With that said, he did like to bang his head on his high chair at six months old. He did not like to sleep much. Extremely active little fellow. I was constantly after him, the never-ending story. I had to make sure he didn’t get hurt. What really surprised and scared me is that he had NO fear. Only because I kept my eye on him at all times was I able to keep him out of trouble.

I recently took him to the doctor. He is now in prekindergarten and some have suggested he has a disorder. He is not learning as fast as the other children are because he cannot sit still long enough to absorb anything. That’s what they say. I think he is brilliant! True he cannot spell his name yet. I couldn’t at his age either. I didn’t even go to school until I was seven. Does that mean I was behind? I think not. Society puts too much emphasis on measuring children, comparing them to one another. My son is not slow. He just learns what he wants to. What he finds interesting.

My husband, older daughter, and I just participated in a Christmas play at our church. We rehearsed almost every day. I was delighted when my son, who seemed not to be paying attention, started reciting the lines from the play! Not just ours, but everyone’s. Is that the mind of a child with a problem? He is an Amazing, Delightful Human (with a Disorder)? ADHD that’s what the doctor diagnosed him with. So what if he doesn’t learn like the others? He will learn. I’m confident of that.

I am determined not to medicate him. I do not want to drain the life out of him with medication just to make it easier on myself or others. Although I strongly believe medicine is beneficial for some disorders, this is not one of them, in my opinion. Raising my boy is challenging and by the end of the day I just want to kick my shoes off and relax with a cup of tea, but I can never complain of a dull moment. He keeps me on my toes. He keeps me young.