Adoption as an Option

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Adoption as an Option
I hardly ever watch ABC’s The View, but today I hap­pened to turn the TV on and catch just a bit of it. The bit that left me quite a bit frus­trated too. If they had a way to call into the show dur­ing dis­cus­sions and say your two cents, I would have. I know they don’t because I tried! I did send an email though to Bill Geddie, the host (like that will ever reach him..) I was just so frus­trated with the con­ver­sa­tion, I had to go online and reg­is­ter an account with the view just so I could say my piece (whether it’s heard or not, at least I said it) 
So one of the day’s “hot top­ics” was dis­cussing Sarah Palin’s daugh­ter and how she is giv­ing birth at seventeen and get­ting mar­ried to her boyfriend so young too. They pro­ceeded to talk about how it was in a way ruin­ing two young lives who aren’t pre­pared yet to have a child …(the boy even blogged about how he didn’t want kids ever)

All four of their responses to this issue, and of teen preg­nancy in gen­eral, totally ignored adop­tion as an option! I mean they dis­cussed this for a while and each time, referred to the only other option in these cases as abor­tion! Even Elizabeth (who I love) didn’t think to men­tion it. I can’t imag­ine the amount of women at home today who just took a preg­nancy test and are now scared to death, that who could of been affected by just one per­son on the show even men­tion­ing the option of adoption! 

I won­der how many lives they could have saved with just a few spo­ken words! They have that amaz­ing oppor­tu­nity to reach mil­lions every­day, and they weren’t even aware of the options adop­tion offers to a child. I don’t blame them, but actu­ally the adop­tion com­mu­nity for not reach­ing out more to the media and dis­cussing it more in soci­ety at large. It is noth­ing to be ashamed of, yet so many still feel it would some­how shake up a fam­ily or a per­son to just dis­cuss it in pub­lic. I think the adopted kids have/would have no prob­lem with it being dis­cussed in front of them, in fact they may think they were more cool just because of that! If peo­ple talked about how amaz­ing and lov­ing the act of adop­tion was all the time, how could it not cross every-one’s mind as an option to abor­tion, or rais­ing the child your­self. Whoopi still thinks her daugh­ter, at fifteen, only had two options with her unplanned preg­nancy, and because of this I think that’s why she pushed for an abor­tion over life. It makes me won­der if a lot of pro-choices would change their mid if they were more edu­cated on the avail­abil­ity of adoption. 
I know I am biased … but my hope is one day most women’s thought process, if an unplanned preg­nancy should occur, would go some­thing like this: preg­nancy test, then fear, then can I raise it, should I have an abor­tion, and then hope­fully they don’t stop their but go to the third option (or sec­ond in some cases) to give life and com­plete another fam­ily out their some­where through the mir­a­cle of adop­tion! That would be awe­some!
To the view … in their com­ment box for Bill Geddie (I wrote in a hurry, and had limit to words):
I am very frus­trated with today’s episode. They dis­cussed hav­ing a baby and rais­ing it as the only option to life at least a dozen times, never once think­ing about adop­tion as an option! I believe the num­ber of abor­tions would greatly decrease if adop­tion was given as much men­tion (or even half) that of abor­tion. Credit is deserves too! In my opin­ion, it is a mature deci­sion to pro­vide a lov­ing fam­ily with a new life than it is to abort or raise a baby when not pre­pared FULLY to give all they deserve. Barbara auto­mat­i­cally assumed if their seventeen-year-old didn’t have raise the baby, the only option was to abort and so did the oth­ers. Thank you. I hope some­one reads this.