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The Affectionate Nannies

Last July 2, 2008, I was in my room getting ready for school and my mom was in the kitchen cooking food for our lunch. Suddenly my mom started running towards my room, calling my name. I hurriedly came out and saw her face full of delight. I asked her why, and she said that a mother and a baby were talking to my grandparents, asking if they could adopt her child. That old couple doesn’t need a child, I thought. They’re too old for that! I came on the scene and saw the poor people with a dry and skinny baby lying on the mattress with no diaper at all.

I was in shock and kept asking the mother what happened to them both. The mother just kept crying while telling us the story. She was in very deep despair. They were abandoned by the father of the child and were asked to leave the apartment by her aunt because the lesbian girlfriend will be staying in instead of her niece. If only you could see how desperate the mother wass, wanting to give her child to someone she didn’t know. Her face was full of sorrow and really didn’t know what to do. It’s like you’ve fallen to a depth where there’s no end at all.

I asked my mom if we could keep the baby. With no wonder, she agreed quickly. No more long conversations; we entertained both mothers in our home. Upon the agreement, the mother smiled knowing that her baby will be having a safe home and can drink milk three times a day. She asked for a php10 (that’s just a penny) for her fare, and we really don’t know where she is going. She doesn’t have any family in the city, only at the province. Before she left her baby to us, she carried it first, holding her child close to her heart tightly. Who would want a mother to leave her three-month-old child? But a mother like her is really brave to do so, just to let the baby live and have a healthy life. My mom and I cried, felt the emotion strike our hearts. Even though we want the baby to live with us, we also wanted for them both to be together. A mother is a mother, and a child is a child, and both needed each other.

My story is still long; if you guys want me to continue it, just tell me.

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