Again With the New Wardrobe

by admin

Again With the New Wardrobe

Only my neighbor seemed to notice earlier this year when I lost the ten pounds. I’ve read you’ve gotta lose twenty for public recognition. I’ll still take every opportunity to mention it because my slimming down was sweet … and short-lived. For the past five years the attempted weight loss was accompanied by our attempts to get pregnant. Who’d a thunk I’d achieve both goals within a month of each other? Or foreseen the wardrobe problems this would cause.

I am not much of a fashionista but I had finally made real efforts to accumulate a wardrobe that both accentuated my new body and showed some creativity. I was even putting on make-up regularly. I had scoured consignment shops and looked forward to strutting my new stuff this fall. Then, Wham, I’m pregnant. And like Alice on her wonderland diet, everything says “eat me” and damn the “only three hundred additional calories are necessary” when you’ve got morning sickness to quell.

Articles in Mommy-to-be magazines suggest you make do with what you’ve got for as long as you can before you go and buy a new pregnancy wardrobe. I made due with some stretch waist shorts from a last trip to Wal-Mart five years ago and sweat capris I’d rescued from the giveaway bag in the nick of time. But this past week, I woke up and I was cold and realized I had only one pair of maternity pants. I had cleverly thrifted these a few weeks prior for just such an occasion. I now had to admit, I needed an entire new wardrobe, again.

So this week was “project wardrobe” week. I took myself to two consignment stores, one thrift store, and lastly a department store to buy bigger bras. Thankfully I gathered comfy pants, sweaters, shirts, a skirt, a pair of capris, and 4 bras for maybe $225. For the next two days, I went through every drawer and Tupperware box trying on everything I owned to see what could endure the swelling belly test. I banned all too small clothing from my reach until further notice. I’ll miss you my lovely wardrobe. And now everything hangs from my fabulous flocked hangers. If you forgot those, read here.

With a new pair of clogs and two pairs of boots I purchased last winter, I have no doubt that I have comfortable shoes to wear. Add a growing quantity of scarves to visually balance the belly bulge and I am feeling better about putting myself together again. Where last week I doubted the fit of every garment I laid my hands on, now I am encouraged I can dress a little nicer when I leave the house. And makeup may even make a comeback. I respect myself more now than in the past and want to be proud of what I have accomplished and be inspired by being myself.

My outsides usually reflect my insides. The plain stained shirts and lack of makeup after giving birth to my son almost 8 years ago were a giveaway to my state of confidence at the time. I plan to avoid that place this birth-time around. I pray my feet don’t grow along with my belly again and make my new boots shrink too.