Age-Old Question: Stay-at-Home, or Full-Time Working Mom?

by admin

Age-Old Question: Stay-at-Home, or Full-Time Working Mom?

Being a renaissance woman, it is sometimes fascinating how the world responds to the eclectic style this embodies. Being interested in many facets of the day-to-day causes dilemmas in our choice of focus.

When you are also a mom it becomes paramount to place parenting above all other pursuits. Not being schooled in parenting, it is sometimes a daunting task. Connecting with other übermoms allows for an on-the-go education that can only be appreciated in the urban landscape we find ourselves in.

Many of us question our choices to be working moms to our precocious children growing up with the benefit of our diverse interests yet lacking in the presence of their moms.

If you were to have told us that we would have to choose between being a fascinating being, and being a full-time mom, we would have told you they are one in the same. Imagine our surprise when we happen upon full-time, stay-at-home moms who question our need to connect outside of the home. The age-old question, or ongoing debate, stay-at-home mom or working mom? We can have both, but one will have to, at times, take a back seat to the other.

Suspending prejudice and allowing for a new manifesto of what it means to be a woman in this life enriches our life. Join me in opening up to the potentials and possibilities of exploring a life unencumbered with limiting beliefs.

As we contemplate the next generation of parents let us bolster their sense of sense and accomplishment by suspending judgment.  Learning from the past and present is the surest way to pave a path for the future. The byproduct of our enlightenment will be our gift to our children that will keep on giving when they go on to have their own.