Agony of a Mother

by Tessie de la Cruz

Agony of a Mother

I came from third world country who tried her luck in America. I’m a single mother with four kids to support and to prepare for their future. After my marriage collapse, I decided to go to United States for their future. I’ve been here for ten years without going home. Thanks to internet that keep binding us thru chatting with webcam and microphone. But this is not enough, my children grew-up without me on their side. I tried to compensate my absence thru money and packages. Now I feel emptiness in my heart … Here is a poem that expresses my sentiment …




My children are my inspiration


They are my life and happiness


Without them I won’t survive


The hardship I encountered in life.


All I have in mind is their future


I work hard to fulfill this dream


I want to see them in their career


Successful and gainful.


As time pass by I’m searching


Looking for something I’m missing


I feel emptiness and I’m longing


To my children who are caring.


Now slowly it clears my mind


Giving comfort in life is not enough


What is important is the love


To be developed in their heart.


I’m thinking if it is my fault


I was force by the circumstances


To leave them and make a living


In order to pursue their dream.


Mother is selfless as they said


Her love to her children is endless


And I tried to be the best


You’ll be the judge on my request.