Alicia’s Story

by admin

Alicia’s Story

Where have the years gone?! I’m now forty-six and feel like I have lived a lifetime already. If the good Lord took me today I’d only be regretful because I want a lot more time with my husband and family. I have two great biological children, now two grand daughters, Nadia and Alena, and two awesome stepchildren. A woman couldn’t ask for anything more. (Except more grandbabies of course.)

One thing new though, I am five years into my second marriage and let me tell you—life begins with a true soulmate! After twenty years wasted in the first marriage I feel like a new beginning is upon me with my husband “Michael.” I’m not going to talk about the perfect man, because honey … I already got him! Life is good.

My recent infatuation in life is spending time with my grandchildren and still train for half marathons. Michael is no longer an exercise buff but a great trainer for me! We still bike together, run together, and play together. I can’t get enough of him.

Then there is my Nadia. She is my eldest grand-daughter, my peanut-butter, and another reason I breathe. I am her Nana and a proud Nana at that. I’m sure my words will be full of this little girl. We did do Disneyland as promised! Nadia was the perfect traveler! My daughter Alicia who gave me the two grand girls is a two time cancer survivor! She is my hero, my pillar of strength, and my miracle. She may not have her life fully together, but she tries her best and that’s all we can ask for. 

Alicia was only six years old when her first cancer hit. Then again at age eight. She is now approaching sixteen years cancer free. To make a long story shorter. She is whole minus a left kidney and the upper lobe of her left lung but hey … we still got her! We will forever live by our family motto that we created one year at a cancer camp that we went to years ago when she was just a child. 

“Live each day as it comes and plan tomorrow when it’s here!”

I look forward to adding more stories in the very near future! Consider this my personal biography and look for future readings about “Alicia’s Story” she is the one who gives me the strength, the wisdom, and the hope for today, tomorrow, and all days to come. I want to share with you what a young mother goes through (me) when her child is stricken with cancer! I am excited to see why God chose to keep Alicia around when she was so close to death. What is her legacy? Is it her offspring? We can only wait and see.

To be continued …