All in a Day’s Work

by admin

All in a Day’s Work

I happen to be the primary daycare provider, or as my daughter calls me, Grannanny. I live in a middle class suburb close to the large capital of California. I have been here now going on four and a half years. I take care of my grandchildren for my daughter and son-in-law who cannot afford to pay for regular daycare. We have a pair of twin girls. They are the apple of my eye and them some. They will turn four on December 27 this year. I have a grandson who is six and the most terrible child I have ever met in all my life. But I still love him. Maybe I don’t know boys, but I do know that he’s a brat.

I was away, far away, for a long time, I had lost my way, and then once I realized my children were having children, I found my way back to be a grandma. I have five grandchildren—three boys two girls. I only have two daughters myself, so that’s a pretty fair amount of babies.

I was there throughout my daughter’s pregnancy with the twins and birth. I began the nanny part once my daughter realized they could not live their lifestyle and be comfortable, so she asked me to watch the kids … for a far lesser amount then anyone should have to do it for.

I have no other life then my grandchildren. And I would have quit a long time ago if they were not my grandchildren. Seems to me no one can understand the dilemma I have endured throughout these past four years. Once my daughter returned to her high paying job after being on leave for over six months, I was left all alone to care for two babies at once. They were four months old. Plus one grandson who was two, soon to be three. Well, I’ll tell you I had practiced the routine before with my daughter, but it was shocking to be there doing it on my own with no back-up plan. Here were three little ones who needed me the most.

The first day was touch and go, feeding them as they both wailed at the top of their little lungs. Amazing how such small little girls can make so much noise. I figured out how to feed them both at the same time. It took some real skills to perfect it and over the course of this adventure, I learned a lot about sanity. Really, there’s none to have left if you are watching twins alone with a little terror, a two-year-old grandson. I think he was worse then they had ever been.

Now it’s going on four years. They have all grown up to be pretty wonderful, loving, easy-to-love grandbabies. I would not of missed this for anything in the world. My grandson in first grade and is gone most of the day. The girls have a schedule throughout the day and we have a lot of fun. They talk really well and they are ready for pre-school next August.

I am having the time of my life. The end.