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All for the Love of Baby

I am a breastfeeding mom ... and recently back to work following my twelve-week maternity leave. 

It is a very love-hate relationship to breastfeed.


  • Convenient: lunch on the go
  • Cost effective
  • Nice size boobs! :)
  • Amazing bond with my baby


  • You’re the only one that can feed at 1:00 a.m.
  • Constant monitoring of boobs—as they fill up
  • Have to sleep on your back
  • Leaking—nuf said
  • Privacy ... and can I get some please!

I used to work for a company when I had my first daughter that provided a lactation room—a quiet atmosphere just for nursing mothers. At my new company, the lactation room is right next to a row of cubes, right where my peers work ...with a wall that doesn’t go all the way up to the ceiling. So it’s pretty clear when you hear a whirring, pumping sound what’s going on. To avoid the breastfeeding concert for my peers, I have opted for a bathroom stall. It’s not serene but it’s not by my co-workers either. Everyday at 9:00 a.m. I drag my heavy bag to the ladies to set up shop ... the tubes, the bottles, the cups. I also invested in a hands free bustier that allows me to read a few pages while I’m pumping.

So it’s a women’s restroom, when my machine begins to pump, you’d think MOST women should know what’s going on. But how many times I’m sitting in my stall and hear a lady say to another, “What’s that sound??” I decide to hide out until the heels disappear. Today, however, I had the pleasure of the maintenance crew (men) knock on the door RIGHT when I sat down—lovely. “Maintenance—anyone in here?” Well I had to respond or they’d come in. “Ummmm, yeah.” And it’s not like I can make the milk come out faster. So ten minutes goes by, I fill my jugs (or empty them rather), clean up and out I come with the maintenance crew waiting—lovely.

Yes, privacy, maybe tomorrow there will be a fire drill and the fire department will show up.

I hope my baby appreciates her lunch. Bon appe“tit” sweetie!

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