All Is Not Lost

by admin

All Is Not Lost

I have to tell you, it’s Halloween night and we have fifteen bewitching moments left until lights out. I have been a mother for seventeen years and have been striving to help my children transform themselves into the character of choice with little concern for cost. Buzz Light Year, complete with light phaser, sure! 007 in a rented tuxedo, we can do that! But what was always missing year after year was the creative, self expressive, and dare I say, “cheaper” route of a homemade costume.

Growing up the first of three children my mother made every stitch of clothing on my back for years, including that on my Barbie’s and every other doll I owned. Pretty cool! And we always scrounged for days for the perfect accoutrement to complete our original and well thought out Halloween costumes. Usually something that worked in unison with that of our best friend, of course!

Well, the high stylin’ store bought Disney-themed costumes that my boys begged for were far from the original, hand painted and assembled attire of my childhood. But that was ok because, heck, it’s my kid, he gets whatever he wants!

I found myself missing something after years of chasing the perfect deal, online or elsewhere before everyone else bought them out, and usually in early September before the birthday thank you notes were written. This something was a genuine homemade, original and creative example of costumery. And guess what folks, I just saw it!

Standing at my door, perched on my porch, tangled in my webs of cob … well, you know what I mean. was the perfectly hand created, custom painted and well thought out o-r-i-g-i-n-a-l Halloween costume! I wish you could have seen it. I can leave it to your imagination to create what, to you, would be that perfect costume. Or I can tell you! I don’t really know exactly how he did it because it was a quick glimpse as time was a-wastin’ and he surely had more candy to collect in the remaining fifteen minutes. This little man was a Wii. He must own one himself because the detail was perfect. Where he was putting his candy, I don’t know … but I have to say it sparked something in me and I don’t think we will ever shop the mega store again! I can do that! I have 364 days to get it right next year, and I think, if I start now, I can accomplish that! It’s a goal we should all strive for!
Todays’ trends and must haves make our children little cookie cutters of each other, all dressed in the same sports gear, the same sneakers bearing the name of the same famous basketball star and carrying the same MP3 players, color of choice the only distinguishing feature. Let’s all try to find that individual inside and make it our goal for next year to get creative and use our gray matter to knock the socks off our neighbors with the most awesome costume ever seen! Your kids will appreciate it and I’m hoping you’ll feel a restful reassurance all will be right with our youth, as I did, when that little ghoul rang my bell!