Almost There

by admin

Almost There

I made it to the halfway mark—well glory, glory! Twenty-one weeks and the countdown begins. The good news is I have two healthy babies growing inside me. The “not so good” news is … they are both boys. So all the saving of my daughters’ gently worn clothes and sneakers probably won’t matter now. Go figure. But that’s okay because it’s my duty as a parent to find the joy in this. I mean, who cares if they wear pink onesies and socks in the house? I am hell-bent on letting nothing go to waste. That’s probably why I’ve never thrown out her clothes. But don’t worry, I’ll get over it.

I’ve got a lot going on right now. Reaching my so-called halfway mark makes my face light up. I can’t wait to meet these two little people who are determined to take over my body and my mind. When people say, “Every pregnancy is different,” they hesitate to tell you how different. The way I feel at five months with these two is totally different then how I felt with my daughter at five months. I’m not sleeping, I’m huge, and extremely cranky. But I know if I waste time not enjoying it I will miss the experience. So I’m taking this one day at a time. One very slow day at a time. And hey, before I know it, it will all be over. I just can’t wait!

I’m really nervous as to what the labor and delivery will be like. I’m praying for a normal vaginal epidural delivery, but we all know anything can happen. Sometimes I find myself reminiscing on my previous delivery. I have yet to find anything more painful than a contraction—the last one I felt being three and a half years ago … but I can’t relive that moment. Because if you have ever given birth I’m sure you can agree that a contraction is the worst pain ever felt (unless you’re one of those women with your Bionic Woman costume on under your work clothes). But somehow I think the female brain blocks out that pain shortly after you give birth. So instead of feeling that pain, you can only remember that it is in fact the worse pain you probably ever felt. Because I’m sure if we could relive it, most of us would opt not to go through that again. I know that’s my story that I’m stickin’ to it.

I’m just praying for a safe delivery and healthy babies and I’ll be all set. I will definitely be writing again soon, but until then, happy pregnancies to all!