Always Remember, Those Small Eyes Are Watching You

by admin

Always Remember, Those Small Eyes Are Watching You

It is so over whelming to see your small little bundle of joy growing in front of your own eyes. We wait so desperately to see his every new move. Whether it is a smile or holding your finger for the very first time, all are the moments of delight. We are so elated, when those small eyes are constantly watching us, isn’t it?

This is the time we promise to ourselves that we are going to raise our child with lots of love and care, send him/her to good school and make our child grow into a loving and responsible adult. We also understand that before teachers in school, we, the parents are one at home from whom the kids learn their first lessons of life.

However, as the time passes by, we forget our promises made to ourselves. Instead of going on and behaving constantly during thick and thin, we behave in the way the situations want us to. We are normal human beings and that is completely normal, but we forget that those small eyes are still watching us.

Have you ever noticed how your children behave with you and what are the words they use when they talk to you? Of course, you must have. However, if you ever get a chance to look other kids too, you would notice that they are the reflections of their parents and they interact and behave in the same way their parents do at home. Not only physical appearance, but conversation style of a child also bears the resemblance of his/her parents.

We are so engrossed in our own selves and our work that we forget that there is someone who is constantly watching our every action and every expression of our face. The way your kids behave in public is reflection of how you behave with them at home.

When we are not happy or disturbed due to any cause, it shows in our action and in our tone and we unknowingly get frustrated on our kids. When we are happy or have achieved something, again the same thing is visible in our voice. Our kids do not understand why we are happy or why we are sad, they just take in the way we talk to them and behave in front of them.

If you are really concerned about how you behave in front of your kids, just look at your kids and observe them interacting and now imagine yourself talking like them. You will be surprised.

This happened with me when I saw my four year old and two year old kids playing with each other. Elder one dominated the younger one and I also saw her repeating the words I normally use. She was literally mimicking me. That was the moment when I realized that when I was busy with my own work, my child grew up like me because she constantly noticed me, whereas I thought that she is too small and won’t understand anything.

Furthermore, if you notice your child misbehaving or doing something unacceptable, instead of shouting at your child, take this calmly and make him understand what is right and what is not. Shouting at him/her will only make your child shout back at you. You must have heard that any action creates opposite and equal reaction. If you want your child to calm down, it is you who need to calm down first.

If not once, not twice, third time your child will surely observe the way you react on particular situation and gradually he/she will follow the same. All the time, watching something constantly takes the place of our action, and our actions done repeatedly makes our habit. So, display good habits, if not always, at least when kids are around.

Always pay attention to your behavior and the way you speak to your child and others in front of your child. Displaying good habits and etiquettes will make your child repeat the same. Even, if you do not get the time to spend with your child to teach him/her good manners, you only need to concentrate on your behavior because those small eyes are watching you and learning from you. After a course of time, you will surely notice that your child is growing up the way you want your child to. So, happy parenting to you!