Am I Stuck with This Body

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Am I Stuck with This Body

In college, I was very pleased with my body. I weighed about 120 pounds but looked like one hundred pounds. As the exercising decreased I gained weight. By the time my college days were over I was 135 pounds, not bad at all. I was actually very pleased with that weight. The stress of working, being alone, constant travel, happiness, marriage, and kids had pushed me to a weight of 190 pounds. That was because I was pregnant, but still, we don’t want to gain weight when we are pregnant. We want a perfectly healthy baby without the risk of gaining weight or altering our bodies.

Once I had the baby, I did not lose all that weight immediately. Shocking! I couldn’t believe it. Why isn’t the weight gone, along with the baby, placenta, and anything else that left my body? Luckily for me, by the time of my six-week doctor’s visit, I already lost all of the baby weight and three more additional pounds. Thank God for breastfeeding. However, my pre-pregnancy clothes still did not fit so I’m still wearing maternity clothes that are way too big for me. I started to lose more weight and found that my size 8 pants fit, but my size 10 pants were too small, confusing or what. What kind of shape did the baby leave me in and will I ever get my shape back?

I was hoping that pregnancy would make my butt bigger, but, to my disappointment, my hips got wider but my butt remained the same. I couldn’t believe what was going on. Over the years I have watched my body change into various shapes, but my main shape was straight. I was able to put on anything and look pretty good in it. Now I have to be very aware of how I look in an outfit. Yes I am a mother, but I’m not in my forties. I am a young working woman, but I am also a wife and mom. How do I balance the right look for me, with this new shape that just seems to hinder my process?

I am currently twelve pounds lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight but still found myself to be unhappy with my body. My husband on the other hand seems to find me sexier and sexier everyday. Is he not looking at the same body? I have decided that, yes, I am stuck with this body and—although it’s not the body I had at twenty-one—it is the body that I have now. I decided that if my husband doesn’t see anything wrong with it, why should I. So every morning I wake up, I give myself a good look over, and smile as if to say “Yes I am pleased with you today.” To all you ladies that love shopping this is a wonderful opportunity to revamp your wardrobe. Think about it, you get a chance to start over with a blank slate. Although I do not enjoy shopping, I am enjoying the new beginning. It’s an adventure to recreate the new me. I have decided that I would like to lose an additional twenty more pounds in order to get to my ideal weight. But I know that my hips and boobs will not go anywhere. As I purchase articles of clothing for myself I keep in mind that this weight is not forever, so that excites me even more and as I get down to my ideal weight I am hoping that I would have found the style that best suites me.

So are you stuck with this hideous post-pregnancy body? The answer is up to you. You can sulk and decide that this body will never go away regardless of diet or exercise, or change the way you look at your body, which will make a happier, sexier, and more confident you. Enjoy your new canvas and get ready to paint.

What are some of the techniques you have used to get reacquainted with your new body?