Before- and After-School Care Dilemma, Part Deux

by admin

Before- and After-School Care Dilemma, Part Deux

So, here it is, one week later. I scheduled an appointment earlier in the week with the new principal at my daughter’s school and we met up this morning around 10:15 a.m.

I told him of my concerns. One was the adult screaming at the children in the after-school care program … and who the person was … he knew full well who I was talking about—whew! That was a load off my mind. See, we pulled our daughter out of there (after-school care) once my husband saw what was going on. Needless to say, he was not happy.

The other concern was the fact that the school is going to start charging parents for before- and after-school care. Which I understand; if you can’t pay the staff to do their jobs, the program may go away if enough parents cannot come up with the $100/month fee.

I told him that charging us $100/month for before-school care only would be a financial hardship because currently, while I am employed, I am not working due to my serious ongoing medical condition. The program will not be charging me the fee because our daughter only attends the before-school care program and because I went in and talked with him directly; he completely understood our situation, thank goodness.

Dilemma solved. Thank you! So glad I talked with the principal.

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