Before- and After-School Care Dilemma

by admin

Before- and After-School Care Dilemma

12/7, 0623: Carli finally got picked up. The school bus is supposed to be here by 0607, I know the bus driver is only human, but what good is a schedule if you don’t adhere to it?

And now, the school is going to start charging for before- and after-school care in January. Which doesn’t make me all that excited, considering when I originally signed her up to go to this charter school, if I did it before the end of June the before and after school would be free. Now they want to start charging parents $100/month whether the child is only in before school, or before and after, or just after-school care. I’m not so sure I like that. I guess it used to be $125/week, so there is quite a bit of savings, however, when you’re not working and don’t have disposable income, $100/month is a big chunk of change, and especially after you were already told before- and after-school care was going to be free.

Apparently, the program ran out of money back in October and wasn’t able to replace it because they weren’t charging for it. Well, no one told them not to charge and I think they did it just to get kids into the program, which, in my opinion, seems kind of stupid, considering they probably knew they weren’t going to have enough money at the beginning of the school year to buy enough supplies for all the children that would be attending the program.

12/8: And, I also found out that when the bus driver picks her up late they end up going into Phoenix to pick up other students, which I really don’t appreciate because my daughter is supposed to be at the school (according to the new schedule) by 0620, so I ask, what gives? I’m not sure. This is the second time that I know of that the bus has gone into Phoenix. I wonder if there have been other times that Carli has not mentioned to me … hmmmmm.

This morning the bus was early, which is great, provided she gets dropped off at school by 0620—per the schedule I was given, we’ll see. I’m pretty sure Carli will let me know whether or not she went directly to school this morning. I don’t have to ask, she volunteers the information, which I like.

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