And Now I Know What She Thinks of Me

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And Now I Know What She Thinks of Me

The other night at dinner we were discussing Halloween costumes because that’s what you do when you are four and seven and it’s August and 90 degrees out and despite all this Michael’s has set out talking life-size witches and devoted an entire aisle to Halloween and you’ve bought a gummy candy eyeball and a candy skull ring just to get out the door without buying a strobe light fog machine SO HELP ME GOD.

Any way, a dimly lit light bulb in my brain began to glow and as the girls were discussing their vampire costumes I said, “Hey girls, you know what? Mommy and Daddy could dress up this year, too!” You may be one of those festive couples who dress up every year for Halloween just to walk your kids around the block for trick or treating but we usually don’t, unless you count the year I wore a beige velour track suit and a headband with cat ears.

Miss A looked at me and without hesitation said, “Mommy you could be a clown!”

Miss C smirked. “No! Mommy would be a horrible clown!’

Well thank God for that, I thought.

And then Miss A chimed in, “Mommy could be a PIG!”

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