Angels in Heaven

by admin

Angels in Heaven

“Stop, STOP!” the policeman shouted after he darted down the street chasing a young girl who wore ragged clothing that barely fit her small frame.
“STOP” again the policeman shouted
But the small, young, unidentified child kept running, running as fast her two boney legs would carry her. Ruby was incredibly fast just as if she were a cheetah that was being chased by a barbaric hunter.

The policeman had no choice but to give up. Ruby ran home, and she did not bother to see if the policeman was following her because at this point home was not that far.

“Mommy, Mommy come quick, come quickly” Ruby said between gasp of air trying to catch her breath. The young girl put the food on the wooden, run down, table, inch by inch a elderly woman who looked as if she was nothing but skin and bones and most likely in her fifties says to her daughter,
“What is it my dear?”

“I brought food “the young girl says proud fully.

” Where did all this food come from?”
“I…I…I did not mean to steal the food all I wanted was for you to eat something because mommy you’re dying,” as her greenish blue eyes slowly starts to fill up with watery tears as the sick, elderly woman slowly began to eat bits and pieces of the stolen stale bread

“Mommy you’re eating again,” and slowly Ruby rested her head on her mom’s shoulders.

“Yes, my dear clever child” as Ruby’s mother kissed Ruby’s forehead.

That very night was a treasured day not just because the food made Ruby and her mother’s taste buds do a little dance as the food settled in their stomachs.

“Mommy. I have a question?”
“Yes my dear, what is it?” the mother replies but at the same time so curious on what her child had to say.

“Why are you so sick mommy?” Ruby asks a sad tone of voice.
“Well, when people get sick soup usually makes them better, but in this case I have become ill.”
As the mother’s eyes begin to tear up, she begins to embrace Ruby in her arms and rocks her back and forth.

“Mommy are you going to die?” Ruby said in between sobs, and then all of a sudden, the room that once fills up with silence.

“No, honey I am not going to die. Do you know why I will never die?” the mother asks Ruby.
As Ruby struggles to find the words to say all that came out from pale pinkish lips is, “No”.

“Well my gifted Ruby, the reason why I will never die is because I will always be with you, even when you don’t see me. I am always going to be there for you because I will always and never leave your heart .”

Ruby begins to wrap her tiny, little arms around her mother’s bony shoulders and say these precious three words
“I love you” as she kisses her mom’s cheek.
“Off to bed now my child” the mother says, as she picks up Ruby and tucks her in to her warm, cozy bed.


“You’re my angel mommy.”
As the sunsets a moon rises and as the mother exists her child’s room.

The child gets on her knees and says a tiny prayer to God. After the prayer Ruby slowly begins to close her eyes and dreams.

The very next morning, something seems different but what could it possibly be?
“Where is my mother?”

All of a sudden an angelic lullaby fills up the room. Ruby says once again “where is my mother? What have you done with my mother? Where did you take her?” The questions were endless for Ruby. Then again the room went silent as a voice comes from the blinding light says in a familiar women’s voice,
“I am here Ruby.”

The voice repeatedly saying, “I am here, I am here,” over and over again. As the angelic lullaby continued, beautiful, glowing women appears.
“Who could this woman be? No, no, no it cannot be her, “Ruby says to herself as she slowly gets onto her knees.

“Mom, you truly are an angel” Ruby runs into her mother’s arms just like she did as a child.