Are All Children Born Happy?

by admin

Are All Children Born Happy?

There was a time when I really did think all kids were happy little chappies, with sunny dispositions. I believed they didn’t have a care in the world … if only that were the case. Kids can be quite unhappy despite near-perfect conditions, a loving family, good nutrition etc etc. It is down to any number of reasons from personality to genes through to circumstances and it is worth noting early on before it becomes too much of an issue.

Having said that, we all have little blues moments which should not be confused with long term sadness. George was three when my father died (at nearly ninety)—and altough we were all very sad and mourned his passing, George seemed not to move on from that spot. He would burst into tears months later explaining that he really missed his ‘papi’. He would be playing along quite happily and then gloom would descend. It took us quite sometime to work this out with him. Key in our case was talking about Papi much more rather than less, reliving the great and funny moments, things we had all shared, never letting his memory die. We also made an effort to find funny things for him to watch, funny stories for him to listen to, funny poems to learn. Actually he is quite selective about his humour (very dry from a young age!) so it was hard work at times finding something that would make him crease up.

I also worked on creating a happy aura through essential oils. I blended up his very own special little mix which contained bergamot, lemon, sweet orange, and neroli—this later become one of our six blends (yes, that’s right—it is the one called Tears!). In the early days I would even rub some into my hands and then run it through his hair and over his school sweater—not too much of course but enough that as he said he felt he had an invisible blanket that kept him safe. As time went by we moved to sprinkling sleeves and to this day I still carry a bottle of Tears around in my handbag—it is a good one if you just feel a bit a low—just need a bit of pick-me-up-and-give-me-a-hug sort of thing!