Are Meal Replacement Drinks and Bars Safe for Pregnancy?

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Are Meal Replacement Drinks and Bars Safe for Pregnancy?

Hi Michelle,

I am always in such a hurry in the mornings and usually grab a Slim-Fast
(already made) bar for breakfast. Do you think it would be okay to
continue eating the Slim-Fast? I have been eating smaller meals about
every two to three hours each day and drinking TONS of water.


Hi Lisa, although there’s nothing technically wrong with your Slim-Fast bar, I would opt for a healthier choice with lots of key nutrients specifically for pregnancy. I found this great bar Belly-bar, Crunchy Nuts & Berries or if you’re a chocolate lover Belly-bar, Baby Needs Chocolate, Chocolate Toffee Crisp.

Because your baby is 100 percent dependent on what you’re feeding him/her, aim to eat a balanced diet including nutritious foods like oatmeal, yogurt and fresh fruit (this was my choice!), Or Swiss Museli (grain, dried fruit, and nuts) with milk or soymilk. A fun choice is MixMyGranola, which allows you to mix your own granola.

If you’re wanting the BEST source of nutrition for yourself and your little one(s), it’s definitely in freshly squeezed raw juices. I do know there’s a little investment involved, but the payoff is huge. For a great quality juicer at a low price, click on the picture to the left.

In general, aim for foods with good sources of vitamin B and fiber such as whole grains, multigrain bread, and oatmeal). Also aim for foods with good sources of iron such as raisins and apricots and calcium such as yogurt, milk, cheese, cottage cheese, and almonds.

Eliminate most of the processed, refined, packaged, and bleached foods from your diet. And instead buy whole grains like wheat, brown rice, oats, rye, barley, millet and quinoa and beans like chickpeas, lentils, red beans and black beans. I also recommend organic fruit and vegetables, organic raw nuts and seeds, free-range chicken and fish, organic meat (of course not for breakfast!) and cold-pressed oils.

By eating a good breakfast, you can avoid a mid-morning or lunchtime mood crash and energy low. And mood crashes/energy lows generally lead to overeating or poor food choices.

So you’re on the right track eating small meals throughout the day. You just need to work on the QUALITY of food you’re choosing.

A “healthy” breakfast contains a good balance of complex carbohydrates, fiber, and protein. And of course fresh fruit or vegetables (for all those Mediterranean people!)

Take time to eat well in the morning even though you’re rushed, you owe it to yourself and your baby!

Here are some tips to help you shop healthier:  

  • Always shop with a full stomach.
  • Before you go to the grocery store prepare a list and stick to it when you’re going through the isles
  • Never wander hungry in the store!
  • Stay mainly on the outer isles (the junk food is usually on the inner isles)
  • Avoid checkout stand treats, these are there to tempt you, try NOT to give in!
  • Shop at a natural foods store (if you can) so you can choose fresh, in-season, organic produce
  • Read labels, avoiding items high in sugar, salt or fat (ingredients are listed in order of quantity)

For more information go to Pregnancy Without Pound