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Are They Girl’s or Boy’s Feet?

My favorite stories are about my granddaughters (all nine of them!). This particular story is about the second oldest, Ebonie. She was around three or four years old when she spent the day with me. My son and his wife and their three girls (at that time) were visiting me in Washington, DC. My son, his wife and the other two daughters stopped past my house on their way to my mother's house, but Ebonie wanted to stay with me. We had a good time playing, watching television, and just talking. Soon it was time for a mid-day meal.

I had previously prepared one of my favorite meals: pig’s feet, potato salad, and greens. I asked Ebonie if she wanted some. She said she had never had that. However, she asked me if she could see it. I lifted her up so she could see the pig’s feet in the pot. As I stood there, holding her, about to collapse under her weight, she looked at me with the brightest eyes and asked, “Grandma, are they girl’s or boy’s feet?” That was hilarious to me because in all my years, the thought of pig’s feet being girls or boys feet never crossed my mind. It also proved to me yet again that out of the mouths of babies comes nothing but truth!

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