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Are You a Choice Mom?

If there’s one thing we’ve realized in the past decade, it’s this: the path to single motherhood is not always the same.

Some of you got divorced, some of you have been on your own since pregnancy. We often hear from widows ... and most recently, from single moms by choice. In fact, The Complete Single Mother, co-authored by our very own Dr. Leah, was the first book to EVER discuss choosing Singlemommyhood via donor insemination.

That’s why we’re also honored to see that our Singlemommyhood community is rapidly expanding.

Although we may have taken very different paths to get here, we certainly have a lot in common: we can learn from each other, whether it’s about where to hide the sex toys or how to manage breastfeeding and a career.

We genuinely applaud women who’ve decided to become moms on their own from the very start. Although neither of us is technically a “choice mom,” both of us have always felt a kind of sisterhood with this group of single women who chose to become moms on their own, either via a donor or adoption.

If you’re one of these women, we’d love to hear from you!

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