Are You a Mom and Trying to Do It All?

by admin

Are You a Mom and Trying to Do It All?

As a mom, we try to do it all. For example, I teach, do workshops, co-host a weekly radio show, give online tele-classes, write books, blog, tweet, do a weekly newsletter, prepare corporate sponsorships, answer HARO ads, etc. I also am a jazz pianist and mother of two small children.  

Here are some tips as to how to do it all:

Do not Procrastinate!
When you have five minutes to do something on your to do list, do it! I used to let things pile up but now I realize that five minutes is golden and you can accomplish a LOT if you just put your mind to it!

When the Kids Are in Bed, GO!
As soon as your kids’ heads hit the pillow, RUN to your computer and start getting things done! I do not waste even a second once my kids are in bed. I know that this is very, very precious time and I utilize it most effectively (as per the first tip)!

Juice and Eat Healthy
As you already have a dearth of time on your hands (in other words, NO time …) you really need your body to be functioning at its optimum level, so I think of my body as a high-functioning piece of machinery and put only good things in there. For example, while my kids are munching on their breakfast, I take the time to juice, such as a beet, apple, carrot, and ginger juice—a HUGE glass that lasts me until mid-morning. This sets up a great precedent for the day and I feel really great, my mind is sharp, and I can get things done more efficiently.

Hire a “Mom’s Helper”
Don’t try to do it all when your kids are home and awake. I used to try to get work done when my kids were home, but they need us moms to pay them attention, and they deserve it! Plus, I only did things halfway and ended up feeling like I disappointed both my kids and myself. So, I found a ten-year-old in the neighborhood to come over for a couple of hours twice a week, during the afterschool hours so that I could get some things done.  The kids LOVE playing with her and I don’t feel guilty!  

Get a Headset and Multitask!
While I am returning phone calls, I am also doing the dishes, the laundry, neatening and straightening the house, feeding the cats, and preparing meals. I clip the phone onto my pants and I’m hands free! You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish once you have a headset!