Are You the Only Single Parent in Your Kid’s Class?

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Are You the Only Single Parent in Your Kid’s Class?

We’re deep into the school year now. So, how’s it going?

I’ll never forget that first morning of kindergarten, when my petite five-year-old daughter had excitedly raced into her class—without looking back—as I sucked in my tears and raced the other way. Yes, I was rushing back to my car, alone, and I don’t know how many married couples I passed along the way. There were plenty. Some hugged each other, others smiled.

You better believe that I longed to have someone with whom to share that first day of school. A boyfriend or a partner at my side would have been great. But, just as satisfying, would have been another single parent in my kid’s class to befriend. We could have chatted together in the yard, and maybe shared our tissues?

That first year of school, I was the only single parent in my child’s class.

Sure, there was one other divorced couple—they were on good terms and had each other that first day. I knew another single mom, too, but she’d gotten remarried that summer. Her new husband was by her side, too. (I’ll never forget another single mom—whose children were older—telling me that I wouldn’t be the only single parent in my kid’s class for long. How true!)

How many of you are “the only single parent” in your kid’s class at school?

Here’s what Dr. Leah, our Sanity Fairy suggests:

You are not the only single parent at school. Ask around. If a school directory is published, reach out to the other single moms (and dads).

Don’t overlook the married couples as sources of mutual support and friendship. Every parent struggles to balance family and career demands.

Support your single parent friends. Attend their kids’ games, concerts, and other school events. Happenings at school are just the family friendly inexpensive activities we often complain are not available.

We’d love to hear how you’re coping with single parenting challenges at school.

Have any difficulties come up that you did not anticipate?

Remember that we’re here to help you! 

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