Avoid Obsessing Over Post-Baby Body Image

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Avoid Obsessing Over Post-Baby Body Image

Avoid obsessing over post-baby body image—fake it. Act like you have all the confidence of a super model.

Don’t we really have two choices here? Either accept your beautifully aging body or change the parts that you can. Obsessing and focusing on the negatives can put you into a never-ending spiral of body hatred or body pity. I commonly hear, “Oh gross, I hate my saggy boobs and tummy,” or “my mid-section is way too large. I used to have a twenty-seven-inch waist, what’s happened?”

Along with birthing our precious bundle of joys, age kicks in and has a physical impact. But it does not have to make a negative mental impact. Mind over matter, mama, mind over matter.

Making time for yourself and committing to better health both physically and spiritually are good things. They should be a priority on your list of goals. But for the things that you know simply won’t change, here is my crazy but foolproof advice. Fake it. Fake what? I’m talking about confidence, ladies, get your mind out of the bedroom for a minute! There is something magical about faking it that begins to attach a genuine value to how you see yourself and the world.

Even when times get difficult due to economic or to unfortunate circumstances, try to accept and find peace with your life as you live it today. There is always time for change. Children learn invaluable lessons when they see their mother toughing it out and still being a cheerleader of life. Children inherit maternal strength and confidence.

If you keep telling someone something with conviction, over and over again, he or she will eventually believe it. It’s the concept of brainwashing, but for us I’ll call it brain pampering! Believe me, it works.

I dislike my legs more than any other part of my body, but I don’t dare tell a soul. I don’t want anyone looking at my least favorite body part and agreeing with me. However, I’m always seen wearing shorts and mini skirts. Hmm, why would someone do that who hates her legs?

Excerpt from Mommy Confidence: 8 Easy Steps to Reclaiming Balance, Motivation, and Your Inner Diva by Kimberley Clayton Blaine of The Go-To Mom. To learn more please visit www.MommyConfidence.com

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