Babies in Public: The Horror!

by admin

Babies in Public: The Horror!

On Monday, Little Ricky and I met up with another mom friend and her beautiful baby girl at a nearby Corner Bakery. As my friend and I caught up, the babies babbled and snacked on yogurt and fruit. At no point did either of them cry or scream, but they did babble as one-year-olds do.

As we were headed toward the exit I heard someone loudly and with tone say, “Finally, we can eat in quiet.”

I’m sorry, what?

I turned to see who had said this and at a table across from ours was a sixty-ish woman shooting daggers at our babies. (I only mention her age because she looked like she could be a grandmother. And if she is, I pity those grandkids!)

I was stunned. And pissed. And speechless.

I don’t get that kind of rudeness. To anyone. But especially not directed at kids.

Now I realize it was really directed at me and my friend, but it was about our kids.

And Momma Bear says, “HELL NO!”

I mean, c’mon. We were in Corner Bakery. That’s one (small) step up from fast food. We weren’t in a fancy restaurant. I didn’t have my screaming child sitting behind you during a movie. We were in Corner Bakery.

We have taken Little Ricky to more adult restaurants and when/if he becomes disruptive we take him outside so he doesn’t bother the other patrons. However it was never necessary at Corner Bakery. (Again, I have to say it’s Corner Bakery, lady, calm the eff down!) The babies NEVER screamed. Like I said above, they babbled, but they were never shrill or shrieky.

Since this has happened, I’ve thought about it a lot, I’ve talked to other people about it, I even posted on Facebook. (Geez, let it go, Lucy!) But I needed to make sure I wasn’t crazy and being too defensive. And the responses I’ve gotten have ranged from hilarious (one friend told me I should have said “Well, I wish we didn’t have to look at you ugly bitches through my entire lunch! I was barely able to keep down my uptown turkey!” I know it’s rude—and I would never actually say it—but it’s also funny!) to wisely passive aggressive (another friend suggested I announce I forgot to order dessert and sit back down—love that!) to compassionate (“Isn’t it sad that she’s miserable everywhere she goes that has babies? She was unhappy while you were having a great lunch and enjoying time with your adorable son. If anything, feel sorry for her sad, sad life.”)

As you can see I have very wise (and funny!) friends. So I’m taking their advice (not the part about calling her an ugly bitch though!) I’m going to see my blessings—my time with my friend, her baby, and my sweet boy—and not let one unhappy person ruin that.

But if this happens again I’m totally going the passive aggressive route and ordering dessert!

So what do y’all think? Is having a baby equal to never being able to go out in public again? Or was that lady just a bitch? (Oops, so much for my compassionate side!)