Baby Body Signs Quiz

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Baby Body Signs Quiz

Baby Body Signs contains a myriad of medical information that can help parents and other caregivers prevent and detect various disorders in their babies. It’s also chock full of fascinating historical and other tidbits about babies and their health. The answers to the following questions can all be found in the pages of Baby Body Signs, as well as in medical textbooks, journals, and history books.

1. If a baby’s eyes tear up while drinking from a bottle or breast, it can be a sign of:

A. Sour milk
B. Readiness to be weaned
C. Cry-baby syndrome
D. Crocodile tear syndrome

2. Babies should occasionally have their picture taken without the "red-eye reduction" camera feature because:

A. They’ll be less likely to become camera shy
B. It’s easier on babies’ eyes
C. It can reveal a serious eye problem
D. It extends the camera’s battery life

3. Hair products that contain estrogen should not be used on a baby because they can cause:

A. Acne
B. Premature puberty
C. Hair to fall out
D. All the above

4. If your baby girl has Epstein’s pearls,

A. It’s a sign she’ll marry a rich man
B. It’s a sign she has infected earlobes
C. She has white bumps on the roof of her mouth
D. She should give them back to Mrs. Epstein

5. What was an American folk remedy for earaches?

A. Putting cockroach juice in the ear
B. Using eardrops made from goose manure
C. Rubbing the ear with rabbit urine
D. All of the above

1. D Crocodile tear syndrome
2. C It can reveal a serious eye problem
3. B Premature puberty
4. C She has white bumps on the roof of her mouth
5. D All of the above

If you got all the answers right, you either:

A. Have read Baby Body Signs very, very carefully, probably several times.
B. Are writing or have written your own book about babies and health.
C. Are a doctor or are on our panel of medical experts.

If you got mostof the answers right, congratulations! You probably have:

A: Already read Baby Body Signs.
B: Are a very knowledgeable parent and/or medical professional.
C: Love reading about babies.
D: All the above.

If you got most of the answers wrong, please read Baby Body Signs ASAP!