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Baby Mine ...

I don’t know exactly when it came to be. I question it quite a lot. So let me go back just a bit. I was married previously which ended back in 2003. Then, I traveled as a promotional manager for numerous products. I traveled all over the US, for months on end, was a car show spokesmodel and loved being single. I HATED KIDS, I repeat I hated kids—never wanted them, no way no how.

Then I met him. The one everyone said I would meet. The one who I would know would be the one for the rest of my life. And then ... BOOM! It hit me. I WANT A BABY! WHAT ... no really, what? Where in the hell did this come from? This is not me talking here. Was I abducted by aliens implanted with some broody serum and sent back to wake up with this new revelation? 

Seriously, I can see you reading this now rolling your eyes and thinking I must have had it in the back of my mind that I would want kids one day. NO, ask anyone who knows me. Jen, hated kids! I was the one who would tell the lady in the store to take her screaming child and leave. I did! 

Here I sit with such a desire to feel a baby growing in me. The desire to get fat and glowy! I want to raise a screaming child of my own! I think about it husband is ready to stuff a sock in my mouth! Don’t get me wrong, he wants kids but he is a typical man stating, “we need to pay off some bills first.” UGGGG but I want a baby now! I feel like Violet in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! The only thing is I am not getting my way so darn easily!

So tell me this, how can you wake up one day longing so badly for something didn’t want for as long as I can remember? Life is crazy that way I guess! I will definitely write more on this subject I am sure, and who knows maybe one day soon (fingers crossed) I will be telling you IT HAPPENED! 

To all you other ladies out there dealing with this, I hear you! Love and happiness to you all!

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