Baby Naming: Twenty-One Things to Think About

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Baby Naming: Twenty-One Things to Think About

Would you let your older kids pick the name of their baby brother? Is four names too many for one child? Okay to bring baby home without a name at all?

Baby names have become big business these days—with weekly articles tracking everything from the most popular celebrity baby monikers to shocking meanings behind sweet sounding words. But our friends at lil sugar took the baby naming business a little further today—with their great post, twenty-one considerations for naming baby Offering up their hottest tips and conversation topics, they give parents to be a complete guide to baby naming. Here’s a sampling…

1. Will you name the baby before your water breaks?
Actress Jessica Alba named lil Honor before the sweet girl was born. The mama-to-be even received personalized presents for her daughter at her baby shower.

2. Would you bring your babe home without a name?
Many moms and dads wait until they meet their babe to decide on a definite moniker. At that point some couples still can’t choose, so they take their wee one home from the hospital without a name. Celeb mama Brooke Burke and David Charvet were more than excited when they welcomed son Shaya, but it was weeks before they named him. Twenty-five percent of LilSugar readers named their babies within one month of birth too.

3. Will you name the baby after mommy?
While some moms give their daughters monikers after their own, it’s not nearly as common as it is for fathers. Famous chef Giada de Laurentiis named her daughter Jade, which is the American way of saying Giada. While it’s the same meaning, it’s different enough to stand on its own.
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