To the Baby That Was Supposed to Be

by admin

To the Baby That Was  Supposed to Be

To the baby that you were supposed to be, the baby sister you were going to be, and the daughter I was expecting. But after carrying you in me and getting excited for your arrival for some reason God took you away from us. So now here I sit crying tears for you, knowing that I no longer have doctor appointments to fill my days, no more ultrasounds of seeing you, or getting to hearing your heart beat one last time. 

I loved telling your sister that she was going to be a big sister. I couldn’t wait to have my dream come true of finding out you where going to be a baby girl like mommy had hoped. I had plans for the tea parties you sisters were going to have. The thought of your big sister petting your head if you were to cry to calm you down like she does … But all that is gone now and you are now up watching over us, maybe having tea parties with your other two sibling up there in the clouds. Daddy tells mommy that you will come back to us. I can’t help but to cry for you sweet baby. Mommy loves you. Love, mommy.