Banish Pregnancy Back Pain in Just Ten Minutes

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Banish Pregnancy Back Pain in Just Ten Minutes

Did you know that your chances of suffering with back pain at some point during your pregnancy are over 90 percent? It’s an unfortunate statistic but most of us pregnant women will succumb to that deep aching pain that seems to just radiate throughout your lower back during the later months of pregnancy.

As your pregnancy grows your center of gravity will naturally shift to balance out the extra load you are carrying in front and to compensate you will find your back arches increasingly to help support that weight. This in turn compresses the vertebrae and the discs in your lumbar spine which means you end up with an aching back.

Pregnancy back pain can range from mild discomfort to severe debilitating pain, but whatever your condition, it’s definitely a pain you could do without!

Fortunately, it is relatively easy to prevent.

Every muscle in your body has a specific job to do. For example, your core muscles are a group of muscles designed to stabilize your pelvis and support your spine. However if these muscles become weak and inactive due to lack of exercise, then other areas in your body will take over and compensate, i.e. the lower back.

So, as long as you are strengthening and working the right areas you can easily prevent back pain, but you must be consistent!

Here is a quick workout you can do at home to help strengthen your pregnancy posture:

Superset 1

Stand with feet wider than hip width apart and turned out to 45 degrees.

Perform a sitting down movement, then squeeze your bottom hard to lift you back to standing.

Repeat 6–10 times.

Stand with feet slightly wider than hips and then bend your knees and stick your bottom out behind you so you are in a squat like position. Then lower your torso until it is parallel to the ground. (Always maintain a flat back.)

Using some light dumbbells start with the arms straight down in front of you and perform rowing movement to bring the elbows up into the ribs.

Repeat 6–10 times.

Superset 2

Hip Bridge
Lie with your head and neck supported on a birthing ball and your hips pushed up in the air. Slowly an with control, drop the hips down to the floor, then use your bottom to squeeze and lift your hips back up in the air.

Repeat 6–10 times

Bird Dog
Get on all fours with knees directly under your hips and hands directly under your shoulders. Maintaining a flat back, extend the opposite arm and leg up in the air. Lower and repeat on the other side.

Repeat 6–10 times on each side.

Repeat each superset 2–4 times.

NB: You should always consult your medical practitioner or pregnancy care team before starting any exercise program. Every pregnancy is different and this type of exercise may not be suitable for your particular circumstance. You should also consult with a qualified instructor before performing any new exercise to ensure that you are executing the movement correctly.