The Banning of Partial-birth Abortion

by admin

The Banning of Partial-birth Abortion

Abort. verb.bring to a premature end because of a problem or fault.

Though part of me is relieved to know that “partial-birth abortions” are now legally banned in America, a five–four ruling of the highest court in the nation does not settle with me very well.

Five to four? Is that the best we could do? Is that a direct reflection on the views of this nation? If so, I find that disheartening.

In medical terms, a “partial-birth abortion” is called “Intact D&X,” which is short for “Intrauterine Cranial Decompression.” Let’s break that up. “Intra” meaning inside and “uterine” meaning the uterus or womb. Well that’s easy enough. It’s the next part that is most disturbing: “Cranial Decompression.” I think it’s pretty clear we know what “cranial” means and what “decompression” means. The problem arises when you combine the two for a surgical procedure. An incision is made in the back of the fetus’ head and the brain is literally sucked out via a suction catheter and the rest of the remains are removed. They do this because when the brain is sucked out of the head of the fetus, the head collapses (decompresses), making it easier to remove. How convenient.

To me, such a procedure not only seems archaic, but barbaric. And yet, we have women dancing in the street in protest for the ban of such acts, claiming it’s about “women’s rights” and that the state should have no part in medicine. “Keep abortion safe and legal.” Keep abortion safe? Safe for whom? I’d love to know the percentage of women who were killed during an abortion. Hmm, I wonder what the percentage of babies killed during an abortion is?

Women’s rights? Women’s health? Vomit! It’s sad to see how blind people can be to such obvious destruction of human life when their own selfish agendas get in the way. It’s not about women’s health. Women have been having children since the beginning of man. Having an abortion is not about a woman’s health, it’s about a woman’s lifestyle. It’s about the responsibility of a woman and taking the necessary precautions to the life she leads.

And what about the man? He’s just as responsible. How can the man not have any say in this? It takes a man and a woman to create a child. You cannot argue against that. Half of that child was created by the twenty-three chromosomes of the man. Where are his rights in all of this? It is his child too, correct?

It’s also funny to see how the argument for abortion rights on partial-birth abortions is that “it only accounts for less than 1 percent” of all abortions. So that makes it right? So that makes it okay, because it’s such a small account?

Okay, fine. Well let’s see—thirty-two people died because of a gunman at Virginia Tech. No big deal, right? It shouldn’t be a big deal because thirty-two people only make up 0.00000011 percent of the population of the U.S … right? We know better, people. It’s not about how many people died, but how they died—just like partial-birth abortions.

And the doctors … the ones I hold most responsible. The ones who took a Hippocratic oath to “never do harm to anyone.” Even Hippocrates himself stated that doctors are not to perform abortions, “Nor will I give a woman a pessary to procure abortion.” These doctors are the ones who are reaping the benefits of this. They are the ones who are making this happen. They are the ones who are throwing out the remains of a fetus, the remains of what could have been a great man or woman, in the trash as if it were a piece of garbage.

So I get back to the ruling, five–four. It passed, as I certainly wanted it too. I should be somewhat relieved that we still do have some morals and values left in our justice system and our government. But a government is only as good as the people who fund it.