Bath Time Favorites for Eczema Relief and Fun

by Mommy Daddy Blog

Bath Time Favorites for Eczema Relief and Fun

We love products that help make bath time enjoyable for our son. We make sure to choose products that will keep his eczema at bay and toys that are exciting for him to play with. Below are some of our bath time favorites for eczema relief and fun!


Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Adding a cap full of “EVOO” in to our son’s bath water helps soften his skin while he soaks in the tub. Sometimes we apply olive oil all over his body after bathing and then follow with raw shea butter. We also use it in his hair as it helps repair split ends, heals dandruff, and adds shine dull strands.


Raw Shea Butter
We butter our boogie up like a little turkey. Although raw shea butter is a bit on the messy side and may not have a glorifying smell, it is rich in nutrients. When refined, it loses much of it’s natural fatty acids which are very beneficial to the skin.


Natural Soaps
We only use soaps that are free of parabens, phthalates, and petrochemicals that will irritate his skin. Handmade soaps from Spa Time Baby work wonderfully on his delicate skin.


Fun Toys
Our son loves splishing and splashing with Boon Bath Goods and Scrubble set. He enjoys throwing them overboard (out of the tub) and I am guilty of playing Splat ring toss and going after the Water Bugs.) The spacious Frog Pod houses every single one of these lovely toys so that our bathroom doesn’t look like a play room.


Bath Time Books
Books like eebee’s Bath Time Adventure and Quack, Quack, Quack are great for parent-baby interaction during bath time, although our son enjoys pretty much just chewing on and tossing the books about in the water!


Organic Baby Hair Care
It’s A Curl: Organic Baby Curl Care is formulated for African American and biracial babies with curls. Peek-a-Boo Tearless Shampoo, Patty Cake Conditioner, Ring Around the Curlies Leave In Cre’me slicks his poofy hair down.


Photo courtesy of MommyDaddyBlog