Be Careful About Holiday Memories

by admin

Be Careful About Holiday Memories

I have reached that point in my life when I am being given a senior discount without being asked my age. The first time this happened my female ego was severely bruised, but I have learned to appreciate the discount and enjoy the fact that since my children have been successfully raised I can finally have more time for myself.

It has certainly not always been this way. As a divorced, financially challenged, mother of four it was a constant battle to find ways to try to create our own family traditions without breaking the bank. We found ways to make all of the holidays special and it is fun to see my children doing some of the same things with their children. However, once in a while there were mishaps! Some worse than others!

One year during the Christmas season, I was in the normal state of breakdown. Not only was I trying to take care of all of the things that mothers regularly do when there are small children, but I was also having to deal with all of the extra things that needed to be done in preparation for the arrival of the big guy!

It was really starting to get a little frustrating when I could not seem to find a way to stop the constant questioning about when Santa would come. I finally came up with a brilliant idea. It was ten days before Christmas Eve. I bought some candy canes. (Forty to be exact.) I put them all on the Christmas tree. Then I told all of the kids that every day they could eat one candy cane, and when they were all gone, Santa would come!

Very, very early the next morning I heard the youngest crying in the living room. I went to see what was wrong! He had become very sick, (use your imagination here.), making all of the gifts under the tree very undesirable.

Evidently, using his three year old logic, he thought if he ate all of the candy canes Santa would come. Even though this was a new family tradition was never repeated, there is rarely a Christmas when the family is together that we don’t laugh about that particular Christmas.

I hope that the moral of this story is that you always receive a blessing when you are trying to create good family memories, even if it take a few years for the blessing to become evident.