Becoming a Grandmother for the First Time

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Becoming a Grandmother for the First Time

This is an adaption of a blog post on www.thehomespun.com

“He must be the most documented baby on Facebook EVER! “ This was an observation by one of my son’s friends when my first grandchild, Brent, was going on a year old.

Well, I don’t know. Surely there are others like me? I did a quick Facebook check today. I have 73 photo albums…..not sure how many pictures are in each but probably about 30 or more per album would be a good average. I also have 287 videos there.

I uploaded 287 videos to Facebook and this kid isn’t even three years old yet?

Close to three years ago I became a grandmother for the first time and that’s a grand experience!

About all of those pictures and videos: My son was home for the birth, but because he had to return to Iraq shortly after, I didn’t think that he could ever have too many pictures or videos of Brent to view while he was over there. (Scott did one tour as a soldier (Army National Guard) and was returning as a contractor)

I went and purchased a good camera (And all that you really need to enjoy your grand parenting years is a camera and a rocking chair, right?)

So you rock the baby and all the relatives and friends rock the baby and you take pictures, and more pictures, and you videotape everything that you possibly can. BUT HEY, he was one heck of a cute baby!! Who could stop?

He was so darn cute that Dad quit the lucrative contracting position in Iraq to come home and be with him. In the rocking chair….

So becoming a grandmother means that you fall in love all over again, and go out and buy spare baby bottles and diapers, and wipes and ointment. You get a bouncer and a playpen and you just marvel at the car seats they have now, compared to when your kids were little.

You find yourself taking close up pictures of little chubby feet and hands.,just as you did when your children were young.

Later on, you get sippy cups and children’s plates, and you spend a lot of time in Toys R Us again. You get all excited about old school toys such as Dominos and Old Maid card games.

And something like your grandson putting on his own socks for the first time is a momentous occasion.

You buy cribs, trains and train tables, books, paint sets….and experience the wonderful scent of Play Doh again.
While you love your grown children there is nothing like experiencing the holidays through a child’s eyes once more.

And then you find yourself saying “ Do you want me to tell your Daddy? “ and this time the Daddy is your son.

Through it all, you take many many pictures and use the rocking chair….that tiny baby snuggling against your shoulder is now much bigger, and maybe there’s only a year left for you and him in that chair ( he’s going on three now ) so you savor each snuggling moment.