Bedtime Fail and the Disembodied Head of Barbie

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Bedtime Fail and the Disembodied Head of Barbie

Late summer with school just around the corner for my seven-year-old, Miss C, I felt compelled to jump on the bedtime routine bandwagon since any semblance of a routine went to hell in a handbasket in May.

At some point I knew I needed to start getting the girls up a little before seven in order to make the transition less painful for all of us. One Sunday night before school officially started I thought I’d get us all in the mood by playing our olfactory equivalent of Ambien—a classical music CD that I listened to while pregnant with both girls. It’s a lovely mix of soothing music and it helps set the tone for bedtime. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. I drink my own parenting Kool Aid.

That night about 8:30 I had cranked the Please For The Love Of Sweet Jesus Get Sleepy music while the girls were brushing their teeth. They piled into Miss C’s bed and the hubby was headed down the hallway to tell them a story. Suddenly I heard the familiar singing voice of Barbie Island Princess and Miss C shout, “She’s WORKING! She MADE HER WORK! BARBIE ISLAND PRINCESS IS WORKING MOMMY!”

Great timing Barbie. Thanks.

I went in Miss C’s room to find my four-year-old, Miss A, on the bed clutching a pink toy microphone and singing along with Miss C’s long dormant Barbie Island Princess karaoke head doll that we thought might be broken, but was brought back from the dead by Miss A.

Barbie Island Princess karaoke doll head may have to come down with a horrible, and sadly, untreatable, case of laryngitis (secretly diagnosed only by me as strategic misplacement of batteries.)

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